RECAP SHOW : Mbah Lemmy & Lefthand Showcase

Exactly 2 weeks ago, we held a showcase in collaboration with a coffeeshop “Kedai Mbah Lemmy” which coincided with its 4 year anniversary. Finally, we initiated to make a showcase with the title “Mbah Lemmy & Lefthand Showcase”.


Mbah Lemmy & Lefthand Showcase is a showcase that we made together when one Electronic Industrial Cyberpunk unit from Solo, MTAD was running a tour with the title “Misanthropy Messiah Tour 2022” at Malang point.


Besides MTAD, there were six line-ups of bands with varied genres that also enlivened and brought the atmosphere into the peak of chaos that night, guided by Uzed and Cepssky as MC. The six bands include Time Apart, Bad Influents, Ravage, Devil Despize, Fleuro, and Beeswax. Thanks to the bands involved.


Not only that, we also invited 959 to fill in the visuals for the Showcase. Thank you very much 959. We also want to thank the media partners and the place that we have given up as ticket box. Thank you Terpapar Musik, Gravedead, Toko Rekam Jaya, Amorfati Coffee, and Askara Park. We also don’t forget to thank  Potentials Stockroom who participated in the showcase as a filler for Pop Up Market elements.


The purpose of the Recap Show this time is to be a place for recapitulation of documentation for photographers who are willing to take their time to document and enliven the Showcase that night. What is it we are very grateful for all of you.

Documentation by @albert.08__

Documentation by @ripcvlt

Documentation by @dansukaria

Documentation by @komangopm_

Documentation by @hanifardhika

Documentation by @satipha


Once again, we are very grateful to all the elements involved and participating in the Mbah Lemmy & Lefthand Showcase. See you in the next Showcase!


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