POSTMO TERROR : Reworked Collaboration with Cepssky

We had the opportunity to collaborate and talk with Cepssky, one of the artists who is currently based in Malang and is pursuing a hobby as well as an economic coffer in the fashion and knick knacks. He pours his art through cloth media with experimental, chaotic and tends to be unstructured.

On this occasion, we invite him to collaborate by responding and rework to our product with the title “POSTMO TERROR”. Taking from our new catalog “Postmortem” makes an issue that slightly touches on postmodern civilization with all forms of organized suppression tools, massive and increasingly systematic digital surveillance, with a nihilist perspective we summarize all forms of meaninglessness in a life full of hegemony and a horizon full of terror. The following is a rework product that was the result of our collaboration as well as a short article from our interview with Cepssky.

How was your initial journey to where it is now?

“Calling Cepssky or familiarly called cecep (real name Rizky Arista) doesn’t make sense, but this name has stuck with me ever since I decided to enter the art world. In 2013 I stopped in the city of Malang with educational needs, majoring in art education with the intention of becoming a teacher and living a safe life as my parents wanted… but fate said otherwise. The journey of life while in Malang until finally having to give up education and being declared unable to graduate in 2020 does not make regrets and makes a new spirit to continue to survive in the city of Malang. When I first started getting to know fashion when selling used clothes in 2016 until I finally thought about using the art knowledge I had acquired, in 2019 I gradually applied art to media that was previously common to me, namely clothing. Maybe that’s what underlies me to study and learn until now, changing clothes like that into something different and worth wearing as well as adding selling value with a different touch..”


Since when have you been in the Reworked field?

“The beginning of the 2020 pandemic. When confused what to do and what kind of activities. Finally, I tried to be creative with my previous merchandise (clothing) and tried to sell it, how come it was selling well.. there began to believe that something like this has its own market and interest.. and I do this activity to this day.”


How can you be attracted to Unique Fashion?

“It must have been a long time ago… but I only realized when I was in college in 2016 because my background is also art and I got used to seeing fashion visuals firsthand. Indirectly, it made me accustomed to clothes that might not be appropriate but still comfortable to wear and nice to look at.”


What’s the most extreme thing you’ve ever done?

“I’ve never done anything extreme.. it’s just that I have to be consistent so I don’t know if this is a profession, a hobby, or just a habit.. Because maybe for me the most extreme thing is the usual thing that is done over and over again until I don’t know when to stop.”

What have you made?

“In the field of fashion, there is nothing that I make or create… my only habit is to destroy and destroy what has been made well and neatly hahaha”


As time goes by, what are the things that make you stay in this field?

“Pleasing the hearts and feelings of others. The spirit of the customers or buyers and connoisseurs always keeps the soul racing and making something that can please others. Their pride and admiration with appreciation may have become their motivation and reason to keep making works that can make people proud when they own or use them.”


What is your perspective on art?

“Something that other people think is weird can become a boom in the future.. art can’t be guessed, it all depends on each other’s perspective!.”


What is your opinion about the rampant suppression of freedom in public spaces, by hunting for muralists, and so on?

“High appreciation for friends who voice their opinions in public space.. but it’s a common thing and actually suppressing freedom in public spaces is very common.. because it’s not a problem, art arises because there is a problem and art is a solution.
Maybe the function of Street art will be as before.. to be a weapon of resistance in its own way without being physically and verbally…but deadly.”


What will be done next?

“Keep active, process… Trying istiqomah in this field. Continuously experimenting.”

"Nothing is wrong.. Righteousness is a process of error."

~ Cepssky


Rizky Arista a.k.a Cepssky (@cepssky) is an artist based in Malang. He is engaged in fashion that can be called 'Reworked' with an experimental and chaotic style. He also pursues his business in that field which he named Demi Rupiah (@demirupiahh ).


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