Storm Still Continues!: Celebrate Destruction Vol.1

Lefthand Society announced its first zine entitled “Celebrate Destruction Vol.1” which was filled by 20 contributing artists from various cities in Indonesia. Celebrate Destruction is a new program from the Lefthand Society which operates in the realm of print and physical publication. This program was motivated by the idea of how to create a creative ecosystem that is able to build relationships among fellow artists and become a forum for artists and creative workers to express their work in the form of physical publication. Hence the creation of “Celebrate Destruction”.

Celebrate Destruction is defined as a form of celebration for the destruction of all forms of problematic life that is currently being lived. Because life is never without problems, problems will continue to come in small to big forms, but humans are able to overcome each of these problems with joy. By inserting the tagline “Storm Still Continues” as a seasoning to project an attitude to stay awake in the storm that is still continuing is a form of relevance in representing current social conditions.


Coinciding with the beginning of 2023, Lefthand Society opens its first chapter with “Celebrate Destruction Vol.1” in a zine format filled with 20 artists. Starting from graphic designers to illustrators who come from various cities in Indonesia. Starting from Aceh, Jakarta, to Trenggalek. Other cities include Malang, Blitar, Kediri, Yogyakarta, Pasuruan, Mojokerto and Probolinggo.


Contributing artists include: Staysober; Capitala; Jimmy Limantara; Randreashh; Dizbones; I WANNA PUKE; 360Plastic; Wildandon; Owyha; Shonen.Heart; indroid_kitkat; Wiryawan Purboyo; July; Zufar; Lasermatter; Pucatpena; Riparip; Franciscusxaver; Kharisma Lalachan; Alvin Cahya. In this “Celebrate Destruction Vol.1” zine, the themes raised include Dystopia, Cyberpunk, Post-Apocalyptic, Ecology, Culture, Humanities, Social politics, Digital world, Literary figures, Social phenomena, History and Environment. So that some of these themes can be used as a joint reflection to inspire and maintain awareness. This zine contains 84 pages using ivory paper material on the cover, tracing paper on the first and last sheets, and HVS 100gsm on the work sheet.


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