Storm Still Continues!: Integrate Into Singularity

Storm Still Continues!: Lefthand Society Returns to Celebrate the Chaos of Life Through the Launch of the “Integrate Into Singularity” Collection Inspired by German Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer

Lefthand Society is proud to present a philosophical discourse that awakens consciousness through their latest clothing collection that explores Arthur Schopenhauer’s deep pessimism, especially in his masterpieces entitled “The World as Will and Representation” and “Studies in Pessimism.” As a clothing and lifestyle brand that always goes hand in hand with social phenomena, they believe that the ideas in these two books are considered capable of being an alternative way to lighten the burden on our minds which are always haunted by life’s problems.


The phrase “Integrate Into Singularity” is interpreted as the swift rolling of life which is often cruel and unforgiving, but there is an amazing journey through the labyrinth of the pessimistic thoughts of an uncompromising philosopher. In the maelstrom of everyday problems, hidden among the shadows of emptiness, we can find a path paved with the wisdom of this philosophical pessimism. Arthur Schopenhauer, the philosopher who was lost in the abstractions of life, gives us insight with his evocative approach. In the eyes of the pessimist, suffering becomes a common dish and emptiness is a consistent melody in the instrument of existence.

In this collection, the Lefthand Society emphasizes the statement to acknowledge the existence of suffering, not to give up, but rather to understand. An art of accepting reality, an art that frees us from the shackles of hope and illusion, gives us the strength to endure uncertainty and live life with a sharp eye. We can actually find happiness in silence, or perhaps among the ruins of broken dreams. Enthusiastically, we continue this journey, mapping areas unexplored by the mind. With every step, we feel the power that emerges from the unexpected that transcends the boundaries of everyday life. It is a strength that gives us the courage to continue exploring life.


The “Integrate Into Singularity” collection is a call to explore meaning in the impossible, and find beauty in the emptiness. Each graphic implemented on each product is an illustration of the correlation between Arthur Schopenhauer’s thinking and today’s social phenomena. This collection presents 10 items in the form of t-shirts, long sleeve, tote bags, sling pouch, and snapback.


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