Exclusive Capsule Collection : Morbid Storm Neurocentric

Lefthand Society announced new exclusive capsule collection under the name Morbid Storm Neurocentric. This collection was launched as a collaboration release with Alvin Cahya, a graphic designer and illustrator currently based in Malang. The choice of the name for the Morbid Storm Neurocentric collection is interpreted as a condition that is quite vital and can become a psychological threat that affects human survival and the process of searching for the meaning of life in the absurdity perspective.


Inspired by the figure of Sisyphus in Albert Camus’ book “The Myth Of Sisyphus” about the figure of Sisyphus who is cursed to forever repeat the futile task of pushing a giant rock to the top of a mountain, but in the end it rolls back down again. From there it can be a reference that humans must find and create their own meaning and purpose for being in the world. Most people live with more suffering, but the evidence is that many have survived things that are unimaginable and invisible to the outside world. Humans have always been capable of inflicting excruciating pain on one another and of healing triumphantly. So Morbid Storm Neurocentric is a picture of how we can brave every storm of trouble or suffering that continues to encounter, no matter how big it is. Because the biggest enemy is yourself.



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