Collect Playlist #3 By I Wanna Puke

I Wanna Puke is an EJ based freelance illustrator. The illustrations that are done are quite varied even though they are dominated in the realm of the HC/Punk scene. Starting from gigs flyers, band merchandise artwork, record labels, to clothing brands.

His actions are not only local, lately the winners are foreign. Some time ago he also worked on a hardcore band from New Jersey, namely GEL. This has become a breakthrough in the wave of illustration orders that are very much up to now.

These are some of the illustrations he has worked on.

On this occasion, we invite I Wanna Puke to share playlists as well as fill out the third routine Collect Playlist program. He gives 10 songs from bands that tend to be in the hardcore/punk genre that dominates his favorite playlist. Starting from 86 Mentality from the album Final Exit he took Degenerate, to the Punk Rock unit from London, Chubby and the Gang.

I Wanna Puke

I Wanna Puke

I Wanna Puke ( @i.wanna.puke ) is a freelance illustrator EJ based, in his field of work he often works on band/merchandise artwork, flyer gigs, record labels, and even works on the artwork of a collective movement in the music scene.

For inquires and commission work you can DM on instagram or Email :


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